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Barisal is a division situated in the southern part of Bangladesh. Its area is 13,300 Square Kilometer and is bounded by Dhaka in the north, Bay of Bengal in the South, Chittagong in the East, and Khulna in the West. This division has a population of 7,757,000 with 50.67% male and 49.33% female. Religious concentration of this division is Muslim 88.06%, Hindu 11.7%, Christian 0.18% and others 0.06%.

This division has hundreds of rivers and greenery everywhere. Its terrain is plane and very fertile. It produces a huge proportion of rice for our country. Apart from rice we grow Guava, Pepper, Mastered, sesame, beans, betel nut, betel leaf, and coconut in Barisal.

This division is ideal for River tours, Monsoon tours, Walking Tours, Photography Tours, Cycling Tours, and House Stay. Visiting different parts of this division you would have a very fascinating experience of Village weekly Bazaars.
You can take a domestic flight, a passenger bus, or a fascinating boat ride to go to Barisal from Dhaka.



Kuakata Beach
Located in the Barisal Division, this beach is interesting in the sense that you can see both the sun rise and the sun set from the same spot. The locality offers a very rich cultural diversity including tribal community and fishmongers. The beach offers a year round mild sun, which is ideal for sunbath.



A beautiful small village where people of diferent religions lives together in peace. Green nature, Golden harvest and Silver River & Rain. Must visit for village home stay.

This is a very old marketplace for the locality, held by the Shandha River. Farmers mainly from the surrounding areas come once in every week with their farm productions in traditional boats. Since surrounding locality is famous for guava plantation, the main item displayed in the market is guava. Visiting one such guava farm would be a memorable experience.

This is the birth place of Sher-e-Bangla A K Fazlul Haque, the first mayor of the Kolkata city corporation and a very renowned political figure in the subcontinent. Apart from this, the whole area is beautiful and has few old mosques and markets.

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