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Day One: Drive in the morning to Comilla to visit the Shalban Vihara, site museum there. Drive further south to Chittagong in the afternoon. Overnight at Chittagong

Day Two: Drive to visit the Chandranath Temple in the morning. Move to Visit the Chatteshwari Temple, WWII cemetery, Ethnological Museum, and the Foy’s Lake. Drive in the afternoon to the port area. Overnight at Chittagong

Day Three: Drive to Khagrachari in the morning. Enjoy the scenic beauty while visiting the natural cave inside the Alutila Hill. Overnight at Khagrachhari 

Day Four: Drive back to Rangamati and have a cruise on the lake. Visit the Shubholong Bazaar as well as the Rajbonobihar. Overnight at Rangamati 

Day Five: Drive to Bandarban in the morning. Enjoy the rest of the day relaxing in the serene nature. Overnight at Bandarban 

Day Six: Drive back to Dhaka in the morning. Arrive at Dhaka in the late afternoon. Tour ends




Chandranath Temple

Chandranath Temple located on top of the Chandranath hill is a famous shakti peeth located near Sitakunda in Chittagong where as per Hindu sacred texts the right arm of Goddess Sita fell. Sitakunda Chandranath Temple is a holy place of pilgrimage.

Shalban Vihara
It lies about the middle of the Lalmai ridge at Kotbari near Comilla. Excavations have exposed a large Buddhist monastery having cruciform foundation and four identical wings in four sides that looks similar to the excavated 8th century Buddhist at Paharpur. The site excavations have also brought other material objects datable from the 7th to 12th centuries AD.

Chatteshwari Temple
Located at the city centre, this Hindu temple is dedicated to Hindu Goddess Kali. Local people constructed this temple in the 18th Century. As the name refers, the goddess of the temple is the keeper of the town Chittagong, according to Hindu belief.

WWII cemetery
The War Cemetery on Badshah Mia Road is of historic interest. It contains the graves of 755 soldiers of the Allied Forces who laid down their lives on the Indo-Burmese front during World War II. Most of the soldiers buried there were from Australia, Britain, Canada, East and West Africa, British India and New Zealand. The total area of the cemetery is eight acres and it is protected and maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. 

Ethnological Museum
The Chittagong Ethnological Museum, country’s lone ethnological museum, offers the visitors the chance to acquaint with the lifestyles and heritage of various ethnic groups of the country. It was established in 1965. The museum authorities had collected rare elements used in everyday lives of different ethnic groups, of which some had already become extinct while some were on the verge of extinction. The museum contains four galleries and a small hall.

Foy’s Lake
This is a man-made lake in Chittagong. The lake was dug by Assam-Bengal Railway engineer in 1924 and was named after the English engineer Mr. Foy. The lake is next to Batali Hill, the highest hill in Chittagong Metropolitan area. An amusement park is located here which features usual theme park rides and attractions as well as boat rides on the lake, landscaping, restaurants, concerts with floating stages, scenic walking trails and many other fun activities. The park includes a water theme park, resort and an amusement center.

Chittagong Sea Port
The Port of Chittagong is the largest seaport in Bangladesh, located by the estuary of the Karnaphuli River in Patenga, near the city of Chittagong. The main significance of this port lies in the fact that it provides a deep-water anchorage a few miles inland from the sea. The history of Chittagong port dates back to the fourth century BC. Chittagong derives its name from the Arabic word “Shetgang” (shet-Delta, Gang-the river). In the last fiscal year the port handled 2099 vessels with a historical increasing trend.

Alutilla Hill Cave
Alutilla, a high hill close to the town, is the great attraction of Khagrachari. There is approximately 100m long dark mysterious a cave inside the hill. A creek flows through the cave. From the top of Alutilla one can have a look onto the entire Khagrachari town, which is further facilitated by a watch tower.

Shubholong Bazaar
Shubholong is one of the most attractive scenic spots in Rangamati. Traditional boat is the only way to access the bazaar. Interestingly, the bazaar itself sets on little boats and is organized by the tribal people from the surrounding areas. Local products like banana, beans, pineapples etc are the items available in the market.

This is a pretty modern Buddhist Pagoda located in the town. The live nature of the pagoda and serene environment is very soothi

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