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Day One:

Drive in the morning to Cox's Bazaar. Arrive there in the afternoon. Enjoy the Beautiful sunset by the beach. In the evening, visit the Burmese market in the town. Overnight at Coz's Bazaar

Day Two:

 Take a short cruise on the Bak Khali River to Moheshkhali Island. Visit the Adinath Temple and tribal weaving centers. Get back to Cox's Bazaar by lunch. In the afternoon, drive to Himchhari Beach to enjoy the sunset. Overnight at Cox's Bazaar

Day Three:

 Drive early in the morning to Teknaff to embark on the ship to St. Martin's Island. Arrive at the island at noon. Enjoy the only coral island of Bangladesh for the rest of the day. Visit the adjoined Chhera Dwip in the evening. Overnight at St. Martin's Island

Day Four:

Enjoy free time till early afternoon. Get on board in the afternoon for Teknaff. Arrive at Teknaff in the evening. Overnight at Teknaff

Day Five:

Enjoy the day trekking in the Teknaff Game Reserve. Overnight at Teknaff

Day Six:

Drive back to Dhaka in the morning. Arrive at Dhaka in the evening. Tour ends




Cox’s Bazaar Sea Beach
Cox’s bazaar has the longest unbroken sandy sea beach of the world, which is 120km long stretching from Kalatoli to the southern land point at Teknaff. Magnificent sunset from the beach and marine drive to Himchari are among prime activities in the beach. The sun is mild throughout the year that makes the beach ideal for sunbath without fear of being sun burnt.

Burmese Market
This market is located in the Cox’s Bazaar town. It is mainly manned by Rakhain people, who came from Burma (Myanmar). Different types of pickles and handloom made by different indigenous people are mostly sold in the market. 

Adinath Temple
Adinath Temple is a Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is situated high up on a hill in the Moheshkhali Island; an hour’s boat ride from Cox’s Bazaar. The temple is famous for the annual 13 days long fair held in February at the foot of the Mainak Hill. This 17th Century temple as a magnificent view of the Bak Khali River, and has a refreshing environment.

Himchhari is a charming place with Sea in front of the hills, only 9km from the Cox’s Bazaar Town. The marine drive to Himchhari offers a superb experience for the nature lovers. There is a national park that has more than 50 species of trees and 250 species of birds. Climbing the hill of about 500 feet, one gets a wide view of the Bay of Bengal. 

St. Martin's Island
St. Martin’s Island is the only Coral island of Bangladesh, located about 9km south to the Teknaff Beach. It is almost flat and is 3.6m above the mean sea level. The 9.66 km wide channel between the mainland and the island is much shallower than the open sea southwest of the island. The island is a little heaven for wildlife having 182 species of wildlife that includes 4 species of amphibians, 28 reptiles, 130 birds, and 20 mammals. Launches and country boats ply between the island and Teknaff regularly.

Chhera Dwip
Surrounding coral reef of the island gets cut off from its body during high tide and gets connected in low tide. Because of this nature of that extended island, it is called Chhera dwip (torn off Island). Visiting Chhera Dwip would be a memorable experience for those who are not familiar with the nature of sea.

Teknaff Game Reserve
Teknaff Game Reserve is a National Protected area of 11615 hectare situated on the hills of Teknaff thana of Cox’s Bazaar District. It was established in 1983. This is bounded by the Naff River from the east and by the Bay of Bengal from the west. From the hilltop of the game reserve, a tourist can enjoy the amazing scenic beauty of the river Naff, hill ranges of Mayammer and blue waves of the Bay of Bengal. The wild elephants, gibbon, hollock and other wild animals attract the tourists.

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