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Day One: Drive in the morning to Sylhet. Visit the Tomb of Hazrat Shah Zalal (R:) in Town. Overnight at Sylhet

Day Two: Drive to Jafflong to visit the Scenic beauty and stone collection activities in the Piang River. Visit the Jaintya Rajbari on the way back. Overnight at Sylhet

Day Three: Drive to Madhabkunda to visit the natural waterfall there. Drive to Sri Mangal after the visit. Overnight at Sri Mangal

Day Four: Visit the Lawachara reserved forest in the morning. In the afternoon, visit few tribal villages by the town. Overnight at Sri Mangal

Day Five: Drive back to Dhaka in the afternoon. Tour end.




Tomb of Hazrat Shahzalal (R:)
Born Makhdum Jalal ad-Deen bin Muhammad in the Middle East, Hazrat Shah Jalal was raised by his maternal uncle in Mecca, and in his youth came to Bengal to preach Islam. Legend says that he crossed the Surma River by his prayer rug to help the Muslim army defeat the Hindu king. During the later stages of his life, Shah Jalal devoted himself to propagating Islam. He was buried in Sylhet after his death in 1347. Because of his deed and dedication to Islam, people in the region consider him very sacred, and thus believe that his Tomb is also sacred. Hundreds of devotes visit his tomb everyday.

Jaflong is a beautiful attraction for the tourists with a background of hills in the Indian Border. It is only 60km from Sylhet Town and is situated beside the river Mari. The whole area is very ideal for cycling and walking.

Jaintya Rajbari
Jaintiapur is 5 km from Jaflong, a very beautiful suburb with numerous tea gardens. It was the capital of Jainta Kingdome in the 18th century. Jainta Rajbari, adjacent to the present day Jaintya Bazaar, was the palace of Jaintya Kings. 

Madhabkunda is the largest waterfall in Bangladesh, about 200 ft (61 m) high. It is situated in the northeast area, about 350 km from Dhaka, in the district of Maulvi Bazaar. Apart from the waterfall, the area has an eco park installed recently. Hundreds of nature lovers visit the site everyday, especially in the weekends. This is a very good site for trekking, walking and cycling.

Lawachara reserved forest
This is a reserved forest located about 12km from Sri Mangal Town, and approximately 212km from Dhaka. The forest has an area of 4,750 hectares. It was declared National Park in 1997. Biological Diversity in the Lawachara National Park consists of 460 species, of which 167 species are Plants, 4 amphibians species, 6 reptile species, 246 bird species, and 20 mammal species.

Hoolock gibbon (Bunopithecus hoolock) is one seriously endangered higher primate that lives in this forest. It is also called a Bird Safari. Birds of different species are found here and anyone can always trek along the adventurous mud stairs, carved into the hills, while listening to the continuous chirping of birds.

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